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CHC50121 - Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

This course is suited to people who seek to become Educators in regulated early childhood education and care services in Australia.
Graduates of this course are responsible for designing and implementing curriculum that meets the requirements of an approved learning framework and for maintaining compliance in other areas of the regulated early childhood education and care services.
Graduates will use specialised knowledge to analyse and apply theoretical concepts to diverse work situations, and may have responsibility for supervision of volunteers or other educators.
Early childhood educators work in long day care centres, family day care, pre-schools or kindergartens.
To achieve this qualification, the individual must have completed a total of least 280 hours of work in a regulated children’s education and care service in Australia.
This twelve month/1200 hour minimum course is delivered in one of three ways, in your workplace in a flexible on the job format, in our classrooms in an formal institutional manner with a mandatory work placement component or, for eligible participants in an online/distance based program, again with a mandatory work placement component.
The course duration can be reduced for people with pre existing skills, knowledge and/or experience.
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